It’s a boy!

Dallas, TX

The doctor said, “keep doing what you are doing! You’re baby BOY is perfectly healthy.” 

Next on the list, we are hoping to buy a house and move out of our one bedroom apartment soon!

Here’s to a new year!

But first…

a look at 2020

The theme of this year has been rest. We moved to Dallas, TX toward the beginning of this year and ever since then, our plans (like most of the world) have been constantly up in the air. Even though the pandemic has changed our lives drastically, I think it has encouraged us to take a look at what is most important. A well known author once said, “figure out what really matters, and do more of that.” When you figure out what matters, you can remove the things that dont. Most of the time, that leads to some well needed rest. At least, that’s what we found.

We are having a baby!

Dallas, TX

We are excited to announce that we have a baby on the way! Towards the end of May 2021, Eleonore will be giving birth to our first baby Armstrong!

– (Gender will be announced HERE after our January 13th doctor appointment) –



Memories from 2020

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